Numerical GCSE grading system

Things rarely stay the same, and we can definitely adopt this thinking to education. Whilst changes happen every year in the GCSE world, for example, the setting of grade boundaries, many did not anticipate GCSEs being graded on a numerical basis (9-1). Low and behold, the government made the move to a new grading system (2017). Many parents and students still find it difficult navigating between the 9’s, 8’s, 7’s (and so forth).

Source Ofqual

Source Ofqual

The trickiest part reported to Trailblazers Tuition is remembering how the new system relates back to the traditional A*, A, B, C (etc.) system. Additionally, a GCSE English Trailblazers Tutee shared that they felt like a “guinea pig”.  Many students have expressed anxiety about this new system and feeling that there isn’t much information and supporting materials available. Trailblazers Tuition dispel some of this ambiguity by partnering with educators on a consistent basis. Quick tip – it’s easiest to remember that the highest number, in this case, 9, ties back to the highest traditional grade (A*).

Asides from the new grading system, the Department of Education have instructed the exam boards to make the exam content more challenging and rigorous. This decision was made on the back findings that GCSEs (pre-August 2017) have been too ‘easy’. As shared by Cath Jadhav (Associate Director, Standards and Comparability), “The 2018 papers could turn out to be slightly more difficult than those in 2017, and the grade boundaries will reflect those differences.”

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